February 27, 2023

Tifosi Sports and On are both proud to be associated with several outstanding South African athletes who are part of On’s Athlete Programme. Just like Tifosi Sports and On, these talented individuals strive for perfection as well as excellence, and continually raising the bar on what they can achieve. Let’s meet them!


Gerald Bambilo

Gerald Bambilo is a runner who finished the 2022 Comrade’s Marathon in six hours and eleven minutes. He has a soft spot for helping others and took part in 2022’s Rise Against Hunger race to help vulnerable children. Gerald is a big fan of On’s Cloudmonster performance shoe. Follow him here under the handle Gerald_de_ultrarunner



Herman van der Colff

A Pilates instructor and avid ultra-trail racer, Herman van der Colff highly recommends On performance shoes. He loves all things On and helps people with injury rehabilitation. You can find out more about his trail adventures on his Instagram under the handle hermanvdc.



Irma Sparks

Irma has been an age group competitive Spartan Race obstacle racer since 2018. She also decided to take on trail running in 2020, which she finds immensely fulfilling. She finds joy in her job as a personal trainer and loves it when her clients smash their goals. Her favourite performance shoe is On’s Cloudmonster. Find out what she’s up to by following her on Instagram under the handle fitspark50.



Kelvin Steyn

Kelvin is passionate about making a positive difference in the lives of the people around him. He is an ultra-endurance sports coach and is a competitive triathlete and runner. He uses On’s Cloudvista performance shoe. If you would like to find out more about him and to follow his journey, you will find him on Instagram as kelvin_steyn or on Facebook as Kelvin Collin Steyn.



Noel Smouse

Noel Smouse is a fan of On’s CloudBoom Echo performance shoe. Because he is performance driven himself, On’s performance shoes are, shall we say, an excellent fit. His reputation as a road runner and triathlete precedes him. He also enjoys cycling, taking on the 947 cycle challenge to raise funds for early childhood education. Check out his Insta where he posts under the handle noelsmouse.



Wethu Ngubo

Wethu is not a man you can put down. He continues to strive towards his goals. A cancer survivor, he didn’t bow to the disease. He is an ultra-endurance athlete and is active on the running scene. He is a fan of On’s Cloudstratus performance shoe. Discover more about this remarkable man on his Instagram under the handle wethu_ngubo.



Remofilwe Moeketsi

Remofilweis dedicated to health and keeping fit. She also likes a good challenge and has competed in several cycling events. She is also an endurance athlete and prefers On’s CloudUltra when it comes to breaking through obstacles and smashing goals. Her Instagram handle is remofilwe_moeketsi. Follow her magnificent journey.



Tifosi Sports and On are delighted and honoured to support these athletes in their Athlete Programme. Here’s to raising the bar and giving goals an actual run for their money!