Every year, the picturesque city of Cape Town, South Africa, plays host to what is known globally as "the world's most beautiful marathon".

The Two Oceans is one of the world's most scenic and challenging ultramarathons and this event, which includes a 56-kilometre ultramarathon and a 21-kilometre half marathon, draws thousands of runners from around the globe, all eager to test their endurance and fortitude.

The Dedication

The build-up to the Two Oceans Marathon is nothing short of electric. Months of dedicated training culminate in a flurry of excitement and anticipation as runners from all walks of life converge on Cape Town. Local runners, who have spent countless hours pounding the pavements and trails of the city, mingle with international participants, sharing stories and tips, and building life-long friendships, as they prepare for the challenge ahead.

The Build-Up

To add to that excitement, Cape Town hosts a yearly Expo a few days before the big race weekend. On’s Energy Hub at the Two Oceans Marathon Expo was simply buzzing with activity and we were blown away by all the visitors that popped by our On Energy Hub!  We were excited to feel the electric vibe as visitors joined us on our stand to experience the On hype!

For many runners, the Two Oceans Marathon is the culmination of a dream – a chance to push themselves to their limits and achieve a goal that was perhaps merely a dream. The training leading up to the event is grueling, with early morning runs, hill repeats, and long, lonely kilometres on the road. But for these dedicated athletes, the rewards far outweighed the sacrifices - and having an international influx of runners’ present added an extra layer of excitement and camaraderie to an already vibrant event.

The Vibe

As race day approaches, the excitement reaches a fever pitch. The streets of Cape Town come alive with the sound of running shoes hitting the pavement, as thousands of runners make their way to the starting line. The atmosphere is filled with unbridled energy, as spectators line the route, cheering on the participants and offering words of encouragement.

The Two Oceans Marathon is more than just a race – it is a celebration of the human spirit and is a testament to the power of determination and perseverance, and a reminder that no goal is too big, no dream too bold.

The On Experience

Many of the runners who participated got to experience the comfort, coolness, agility, and ability of the Cloudmonster 2 shoes as well as many other styles of On Cloud shoes.  In fact, many of our new and more recent customers are reported to have achieved their personal best time running in a pair of Cloudmonster 2 and Cloudstartus 3 On shoes.

One of the newest On Ambassadors in South Africa, Joan Pienaar, ran her very first Two Oceans half marathon in her Cloudmonster 2’s and finished in a sub-2.

Joan, we are so proud of you - you were On fire!

The Love

We are honoured to have been a part of this incredible event!

Watch this space for testimonials from our On South Africa Ambassadors and Crew who were all there with Guts & Glory!

Below are some pics from the race.