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Introducing the all-new Cloudstratus: double the tech to double your run

When World Duathlon Champion and multiple Ironman winner Olivier Bernhard started his search for a running shoe that minimised impact on the ground while providing a speedy push-off, he could have never imagined that a simple experiment with a common…

Comrades 2019 is here!

The starting pistol for the 94th Comrades Marathon goes off at 05:30 on Sunday, 9 June, signalling the beginning of the 48th Up Run in the history of the ultra-marathon. Extending across a distance of roughly 87km from Durban to…

Things you should know about your feet before buying running shoes

Ah, feet. We all use them every day, but most of us probably don’t give them a second thought. If you’re a runner, though, you’ll know the importance of constantly checking in on your trotters. Understanding how your foot functions…

The origins of running shoes

Looking at the array of running shoes available on the market today, it’s hard to imagine that the origins of these pieces of running attire can be found just over two centuries ago – the blink of an eye in…

How different types of compression gear can aid your performance

Compression gear should be as big a part of the athlete’s arsenal as a healthy diet, a good amount of sleep and enough water – and this sentiment rings as true for the professional as it does for the weekend…

Compression gear: what does the science say?

Compression gear has its origins in the world of medicine, where it was initially used to help with low blood pressure and circulation problems. In a medical sense, compression garments assist in dispersing lymphatic fluid and improving blood flow, so…

Quick Facts

Tifosi Sports is among the leading sports high-end sporting apparel agents in South Africa, distributing some of the foremost sports brands in the world today to the local market.
In July 2017, we added the award-winning performance shoe – On – to our range of products.
All our products are designed to perfection and are stylish, innovative and performance driven with the ultimate goal of ensuring that our customers are having fun and feel good whilst exercising – be it in our standard or customised kit.

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