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Weight-bearing vs. non-weight-bearing exercise: which one’s for you?

Personal trainers and other health and fitness professionals often refer to weight-bearing and non-weight-bearing exercise when devising exercise and rehabilitation plans for patients and clients. While the descriptive names of these two different types of exercise are quite self-explanatory, it…

These NGOs focus on sport and sports development

Sports development in South Africa is a crucially important element to not only boost the amount of competitive sportsmen and women in the country, but also to introduce young people and children to the multitude of benefits associated with sport.…

These are the fitness trends that will shape 2019

One only has to look at some of the strange and unusual workout and exercise methods that people are trying these days to get the sense that the world of fitness is anything but static. When it comes to fitness…

New to the gym? Here are some slang terms you might want to know.

If the gym is a strange and foreign place to you, you’re sure to find the people that have been frequenting it for a long time even stranger. You might even notice them using a language that you don’t know:…

11 quotes to steer the rest of your year in the right direction

The first month of the year is something of the past, and perhaps you feel like you wanted to start it better. Whether you were lacking in motivation, or whether your body just wasn’t up to it after the long…

How to become headstrong for fitness in 2019

Making the decision to work on your physical fitness starts in your head, and it will be your head that sees the process through in 2019. This is exactly why you need to constantly assess and work on your mental…

Quick Facts

Tifosi Sports is a respected distributor in South Africa of cycling apparel and helmets, high quality compression clothing and performance running shoes.
In July 2017, we added the award-winning performance shoe – On – to our range of products.
All our products are designed to perfection and are stylish, innovative and performance driven with the ultimate goal of ensuring that our customers are having fun and feel good whilst exercising – be it in our standard or customised kit.

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