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This programme wants to see a sub-2 hour marathon time this year

Johnny Hayes was just 22 years old when he won the marathon race at the 1908 Summer Olympic Games in England, and he was a trailblazer for more than one reason. Not only did Hayes win the first marathon at…

How to find your perfect running pace

Any runner knows that pacing is everything. Start a race off too quickly, and you’ll wear yourself out too soon. Start too slow, and you’ll be left cold by your finishing time. The key to finding a pace that is…

No exercise partner? An audio coach will keep you motivated.

Having a training partner is one of the best ways to keep you motivated and excited about staying fit and healthy. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford a personal trainer, and not everyone has a training buddy whose schedule exactly matches…

4 types of mountain bikes: a breakdown

When looking to buy your first mountain bike, you may very well be overwhelmed by the different brands available. Even more so, the different types of mountain bikes available might have you stumped. Here is a quick guide to the…

5 tips for winning winter training

Without a doubt, it’s harder to stick training schedule in winter. The days are shorter, and it takes a lot more to get you out under the covers and into your gym or running gear, ready for a productive session.…

A need for speed: Here are the fastest things in the world

If you are looking to improve your personal best the next time you take to the trails, you know what it’s like to feel the need – the need for speed – à la Maverick from Top Gun. This article…

Quick Facts

Tifosi Sports is among the leading sports high-end sporting apparel agents in South Africa, distributing some of the foremost sports brands in the world today to the local market.
In July 2017, we added the award-winning performance shoe – On – to our range of products.
All our products are designed to perfection and are stylish, innovative and performance driven with the ultimate goal of ensuring that our customers are having fun and feel good whilst exercising – be it in our standard or customised kit.

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