Last year, an incredible runner, Elizabeth Potter won a pair of On Cloudsurfer 7 shoes after participating in the 2023 TRACN4 Elands Marathon. After winning her Cloudsurfer 7 shoes (known for their cushioning for a smooth ride and seamless heel-to-toe transitioning), she has subsequently run multiple races in her On shoes. She loves the On brand and is a regular podium finisher in her age group.

Tomorrow, Elizabeth will be competing in the 2024 TRACN4 Elands Marathon. We wanted to know more about Elizabeth – an avid runner and inspirational competitor. We recently learned more about this consistent podium finisher.

Incredibly, Elizabeth only began running professionally at the age of 46 years and according to her its never too late for anyone to join a running club or team or even do solo runs as part of a weekly running routine.

She told us that her greatest strength is consistency and discipline which has resulted in some amazing racing achievements.

These Include:

  • 1ST Master Lady - Varsity Kudus.
  • 2nd Master Lady - Dischem 21km.
  • 1st master and third overall - Springs striders 32km.
  • 1st master lady in both race and championship category - Johnson Crane hire.

In running circles, regular runners call her the ‘’captain’’ and elite runners call her “competition”, but maintaining these accolades means ensuring she always actively manages her race timing and game plan, as well as knowing how to actively deal with stress – which she achieves by sticking to regular training schedules and staying focused on her goals.

Elizabeth shared with us that she felt that her greatest accomplishment as an athlete was without a doubt winning Gold in all four of the SA Championship races she was selected to run in 2023 in the Master Categories. These included the SA Marathon Champs, the SA Half Marathon Champs, the SA 10km Champs, and the SA Cross Country Champs. That is simply “wow” stuff – a winner all around!

In terms of her approach to running where most runners choose ‘fast’ instead of ‘pace’, Elizabeth says it is actually more important to do everything in moderation with repetition being of extreme importance. In terms of her eating habits, her diet doesn’t change much from her normal eating habits, except for when she preparing for a marathon then she does carbo-loading.

Finally, Elizabeth shared with us that the best advice she ever received was from her coach and from some of her fellow experienced running companions is that it is important not to overtrain, not to race every training session and also to start a race at a good pace and increase that pace as the race goes on.

Elizabeth Potter - a mother, a runner, an inspiration, a great influence in sports and Women’s Running as a whole – we wish her all the very best for the 2024 TRACN4 Elands Marathon this coming weekend and we are excited to see her turn it On in during this tough event.