September 28, 2023

The trail is calling. Adventure, the outdoors and a test for every athlete’s strength, stamina and endurance is calling. The Maxi Race is calling, and many athletes and trail runners have answered the call, determined to test their mettle on the South African leg of the Maxi Race.

The trail winds through stunning scenery, passing through farms, reserves and mountains in the Franschoek and Stellenbosch areas. Maxi Race Cape Winelands takes the runner on a quest of their choosing: will it be the gruelling 75km race? A streamlined 7km race? Or, will the intrepid runner choose the ultimate test in stamina and endurance, the 120km race?

The Maxi Race started in France in 2011 and has grown to six trail events across Europe, Asia, South America and South Africa. And it’s not just about the trail or the race, it’s about bringing people together, making connections and a chance to discover the cultures and beauty contained in other lands.

Tifosi Sports and On Performance Shoes are proud to stand behind our athletes who are going to be taking to the road with the Maxi Race this year. Irma Sparks and Landon Mtunja are hitting the Maxi trail in their favourite On Performance Shoes.

Irma started her trail running journey in 2020, but fitness has definitely been part of her lifestyle for a long time. She works as a personal trainer, pushing others to reach their goals.

Irma is taking on the 20-kilometre trail and is excited to be running the new route that has an 850-metre elevation. This will certainly put her stamina to the test. She has decided to take the race on in her Cloudultra performance shoes, her On tights and trailbreaker jacket over her light On t-shirt, topped off with her On lightweight cap to keep the sun out of her eyes as she reaches for greater heights. Follow Irma on Instagram under the handle fitspark50.

Landon is taking on the hectic 45 kilometre challenge. She has chosen to do her rail run in the On Cloud Venture Peak 3, which she is excited to test out on the long distance trail. She will also be wearing a breathable On t-shirt, the convenient and light weather jacket. She encourages others to make doing the Maxi Race their goal. You can track her racing performance on Instagram under the handle @badassmom_preneur.

On running shoes help athletes to run beyond their limits.

Tifosi Sports and On wish these two intrepid, determined ladies all the best for their Maxi Race on 30 November. You are already champions!