Run on Clouds


Created for soft landings and powerful take offs, our innovative CloudTec® technology makes every step effortless. It's the special power in every On shoe.

Unlock your running potential

Swiss engineered to deliver comfort, support and a more efficient run, CloudTec® is a completely unique cushioning system. It absorbs impact, reduces strain and adapts to your running style to create a sensation loved by runners around the world. We call it running on clouds.

Tailor-made for every shoe

CloudTec® reacts according to your unique movements, compressing horizontally and vertically to cushion just where it should. Meticulously engineered, it forms the foundation of every On shoe.

Run faster with confidence

The horizontal movement of the Clouds as you run does more than absorb impact, reduce braking force and propel you forward. It also provides softer landings. So you can enjoy a smoother ride.

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