Tifosi Sports is a leading, South African based, distributor of sports shoes, apparel and sporting accessories.

Our business is privately owned and managed by Nick Zografos as CEO who – together with a Team of commercially experienced Financial Executives, Sales and Marketing specialists, Customer Care enthusiasts and Sports Fanatics – continues to grow the footprint of Tifosi Sports and the On brand each year.

We are the only Official Distributor for the On brand in Southern Africa – one of the fastest growing sports brands in the world. Our distribution agreements with On include the promotion and support of all On branded products into South Africa, Lesotho, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Mozambique.

Our range of On products includes:

  • performance running shoes for short and long-distance road running,
  • trail running shoes for rugged and “off-road” terrains,
  • waterproof running, hiking and trail shoes,
  • lightweight, durable and comfortable shoes for walking and wearing all-day,
  • active wear training shoes for individuals that are trend setters,
  • sporting apparel and accessories to compliment our running shoes.

All our On “cloud” shoes are designed in Zurich, Switzerland – always with outstanding performance, quality and design standards in mind whilst ensuring a robust Sustainability focus with clear CO2 reduction targets for the years 2023 to 2030.

In summary, we continue to “Dream On” and to enable our customers to experience what others can’t deliver – the ability to “Run on Clouds” and unlocking your running potential whilst making a real impact to the environment.



Since launching our business in 2010, Tifosi Sports has achieved various milestones with numerous well-known international sports brands.

Primary to the Tifosi Sports (Pty) Limited overall business strategy has been our focus on being continuously pro-active in everything we do and loyal to the brands we have represented over time and in various territories. We thrive on delivering exceptional customer service to everyone we deal with and honouring our product warranty commitments.

In July 2017 our Board took the strategic decision to negotiate the Sole Distribution Rights for the On brand in South Africa. In recent years, On shoes have become trusted by multi-sport athletes as their “go-to” running shoe – this is also reflected in the fact that numerous styles of On shoes have been awarded Best Performance Shoe Awards. Given our Team’s success with the On brand in the last 6 years in the South African market, our agreements with On have been extended and Tifosi Sports is now the Sole Official Distributor for all On branded products in South Africa and the neighbouring states - including Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Mozambique.

Hand in hand with the exponential growth achieved by the On brand globally, it was announced in November 2019 that Roger Federer was joining the On business as a co-entrepreneur to assist with product development, marketing and to take the brand to new levels. The global market views this affiliation between On and Federer as a “match made in heaven”. The On range of products now includes various styles that carry “THE ROGER” label.

In the 2022 financial year, the Tifosi Sports Team grew overall sales exponentially by 68% compared to the prior year and we now forecast to achieve an even higher market share in the South African running market for the 2023/2024 years. As at April 2023, we are well on track to exceed our sales and financial targets set for the On brand in South Africa for the 2024 financial year.

As we like to say internally – we think “Smart” and make decisions “Pro-actively” – and every action is moving us “Onwards and Upwards”.


The On brand has one long term goal – to “revolutionize the sensation of running” and to be the global leader in continuously developing next-generation “ultimate urban” running shoes.

With this goal in mind, each style of On branded shoe, apparel and accessory is designed to be stylish, innovative and performance driven whilst ensuring that On’s Environmental Footprint and Sustainability commitments are achieved.

Every On shoe-style comes equipped with the patented CloudTec® and Speedboard® technologies that ensure soft landings, comfort and explosive performance for all terrains. Other unique elements such as Helion™, FlipRelease™ and the Missiongrip™ systems make finding the perfect fit, traction and comfort even easier with On.

On’s passion and drive in the area of Research and Development continues to ensure that our customers are always wearing the latest technology in running shoes and apparel – be it for those individuals competing at a professional level or the social sports person striving for good health and enjoyment and those individuals concerned about the environment.

In 2020, On introduced “THE ROGER” range of tennis-inspired all-day footwear to the global market and many more styles of this iconic shoe range are planned for launch in 2022/23. “THE ROGER” range of shoes also include concealed CloudTec® and Speedboard® elements to create a comfortable and versatile sneaker.

The overall successes of the On brand as a business culminated in an IPO on the New York Stock Exchange on 15 September 2021. The company’s shares trade under the ticker symbol “ONON”.


A quest for the perfect running sensation.

With its revolutionary idea, the Swiss runningshoe On has taken the global running scene withspeed.