February 26, 2024

It is a big, exciting – and nerve-wracking – decision. You’ve been training hard, making it out onto the road every day and you are no longer a beginner runner. The next step?

Your first competition. It’s time to test your stamina and endurance and challenge yourself. Tifosi Sports and On performance shoes are here to guide you on your competition journey.

Here are seven tips to get Switched On:

  1. Keep it real.
    Everyone wants to win, although not everyone is ready to win. Be realistic about your capabilities. You know how hard you’ve worked, and you know how hard you can push yourself. Set a realistic goal - such as simply finishing the race. You can work on building up to even greater goals and serious competition, over time.

  2. The right race.
    Choose a race that fits the training you’ve done and the stamina you have. If you know you are not ready for an ultra-marathon, don’t sign up for that. If you need to start small with fun runs, that’s absolutely okay. Shorter distances may work for you in the beginning and you can increase those distances as your confidence and experience grows. The important thing is that you get out there and simply do it.

  3. If the shoe fits…
    Get yourself a really good pair of shoes for that first race. Those tekkies you’ve been training in are not going to measure up. You will need a great,  fresh new pair that will take you over the finish line. On’s Cloudflyer 4 stability shoe is not going to break the bank, and it will provide the lightness you need in your stride, especially if you are taking on a longer distance. Consider how the shoe of your choice reduces foot and muscle fatigue. The Cloudflyer 4 is equipped with supreme cushioning, premium comfort, stability, dual-density CloudTec® and manufactured with the highest quality recycled materials. Your choice of shoe can make all the difference.

  4. Food for thought.
    Make the right decision when it comes to your race prep meal. About four hours before your race start, you will want to eat some high-carb foods like waffles or pancakes. Avoid fatty foods and high-fibre foods otherwise you may end up with some stomach upset while on your race. Don’t overeat, though. If you need some guidance, consult other experienced runners, a nutritionist or dietician for the right kind of advice.

  5. Pace wins the race.
    Pace yourself. You don’t want to start off too fast because you’ll need to conserve that energy for later in the race. Get those first 2kms done at a slower pace and don’t be tempted to keep up with the fastest, more experienced runners. You are running YOUR race, not theirs.

  6. Dress for success.
    Avoid cotton. Rather wear something made from technical fabric. On and Tifosi Sports have a range of activewear designed specifically for runners to keep them cool and reduce chafing. The lighter the clothing - the easier the run. Remember to apply anti-chaffing cream to trouble spots for chafing to reduce blisters and redness. You will want to be as comfortable as possible.

  7. Train with a trainer.
    Before you get going, make plans to train with a trainer experienced in working with runners who compete. There are tips and tricks that they can provide as well as ensuring that you are in the best possible shape to realise your dream of making it through that very first race.

Tifosi Sports and On performance shoes supports you in your goal to get from just running to race running.

And, above all, it is imperative to have fun.

You can find out more about purchasing On running shoes in South Africa on the Tifosi Sports Website.