March 19, 2024

On has raised the bar once more with the release of the Cloudspark road running shoe, showcasing enhanced innovation, sustainability, and performance. This shoe provides a comfortable fit and boosts your speed, making it attractive to a wider range of runners.

In recent years, On's designers have observed that an increasing number of women have been providing feedback indicating that the sneakers were not fitting properly. "We consistently received comments about a tingling feeling in their toes," states Ruth Heenan, the head of product management at On. "We received numerous comments from women regarding the fit around the ankle and the arch."

In developing the Cloudspark shoe for regular runners, On utilised data, gait analyses and foot scans from many runners around the world. This ensured that the design and fit of this new shoe catered to a broader running community. “By considering a wider range of biomechanics from the outset, we’ve created a shoe that offers a propulsive, comfortable run for a more diverse group of athletes,” explains On’s product manager Marieke Stasch.

The upper mesh in this "eco-friendly" shoe is crafted from 100% recycled polyester, offering a lightweight and breathable design that provides enhanced comfort for runners. This is further complimented with various and innovative technology that maximises your "air-time" and minimises ground contact during your run.

During a recent gathering of our Tifosi Sports Crew Team, an experienced runner remarked, "The Cloudspark offers remarkable propulsive and rolling forward performance. The combination of the dual-density sole and Speedboard® have certainly delivered an exceptional feel to this latest shoe design from On."

The Cloudspark features an 8mm drop from heel-to-toe, with the women's shoe weighing just 235 grams and the men's being 282 grams. On have also integrated reflective components into the upper part of the shoe, enhancing visibility of the athlete running during dawn or dusk.

Once again, in designing this latest road running shoe, On have meticulously engineered every feature of the shoe, making sure that the status quo was challenged and that this latest shoe design did not just become another choice of style but rather a running shoe with a distinctively different feel, superior support, performance and design.

In summary, this road running shoes is a well-balanced, comfortable, and high-performance running shoe suitable for runners seeking a versatile training shoe for various distances.

Technical Aspects

Weight: Women size: 235 g / Men size: 282 g
Heel-to-toe: 8 mm
Midsole/Outsole: Rubber compound with grip-enhancing tread pattern.
Sustainability: Recycled content:
– Total recycled content: about 35%
– Recycled polyester: about 100%
Speedboard®: Made from a lightweight and flexible nylon-blend for maximum propulsion.
Upper: Engineered mesh upper made from 100% recycled polyester.
Best for: 5K, 10K, Half-marathon, Road Running, Short Runs, Everyday Training, Warm Weather, Cold Weather, Changing Weather, Indoor Training
Category: Performance Running
Launched: 7 March 2024

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