February 07, 2023

For quite some time now, the team at On in Zurich have been obsessed with the principles of circularity and sustainability. Even more so, the people involved with the On brand want to make a difference.

Every team member at On truly believes that manufacturers and consumers need to rethink how products get manufactured, owned and/or stored, consumed and/or used, and whether any remaining material after use can be recycled efficiently and effectively.

Currently, far too many products are designed within a linear lifecycle in mind. That basically means that products are made to be used and then trashed. To coin a phrase: “make-use-dispose.” The problem with this mindset is that these products, such as footwear and apparel, end up as waste that can be harmful to our planet.

Hence the reason for the On brand turning to the positive effects of sustainability and circularity, where resources and materials can be used and re-used (recycled) without causing permanent damage to the environment. It’s called “working in harmony with Earth’s finite resources, rather than simply delaying the inevitable damage to the world as we know it today.”

The designers at On are now starting to piece together the processes and merits to sustainable design, production and recycling of each On product, whilst maintaining the high standards and quality that all On-branded shoes and apparel have been known for to date. In this regard, the first final product to soon go live is nearly ready for launch. It’s called the Cyclon shoe. This shoe is truly on track to become one of the world’s highest-performing running shoes ever – and it’s 100% recyclable. On calls it “the shoe you will never own”.

Expect to see On’s Cyclon only in the white colourway, thereby eliminating the need for dyes and chemicals.

So, the future is bright! Through its circularity and sustainability endeavours, On plans to further increase the quality and performance of all On shoes and apparel produced, whilst simultaneously reducing waste, biodiversity loss, pollution and CO2 emissions.

Tifosi Sports is a proud, long-standing partner and official distributor of the On brand in South Africa.  We love to move Onwards and upwards. With On’s focused strategy on sustainability and circularity, we continuously strive for higher standards in the world of people, shoes and apparel. It is called running on clouds.