February 07, 2023

Tifosi Sports’ very own Fazel Alley took part in this year’s 226 Brick Challenge. Alley competed in the challenge, ranking third, after a gruelling three-day test of his athletic abilities – all this while he battled a hamstring injury.

On the first day, Alley swam 1.9 kilometres, the second day he had to hop onto a bike for a 19 kilometre race in sweltering heat. Finally, on the third day, Alley had to push his limits in a 21 kilometre run.

“It was a wonderful prep for the Iron Man I am doing in March. The preparation went well, given the circumstances,” says Alley, who ended the race with a grade two hamstring injury.

Alley credits On’s CloudBoom Echo performance shoe, which helped him maintain a stable run and reduced foot slip during the race because of the shoe’s carbon plate. He believes that the shoe was able to help him make it through the race despite his injury.

“It helped me keep my foot in shape so it didn’t flex as much because of the carbon plate,” says Alley.

Tifosi Sports and On would like to congratulate Fazel Alley on his determination and prowess for making it to third place in the 226 Brick Challenge of 2023.

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