September 07, 2023

By Mandy Bullock, president of Street Dance Association - The movement of Dance took a long time to be recognised not only as a sport but as symbolic value of expression in art. Street Dance would be the best platform for your kids, a stress reliever, great for self-discipline, excellent for building confidence and character and not to mention the tons of fun that comes with that form of movement.

The Dance sports culture celebrates every child, a true form of expression needs a pair of shoes and a passion. With every step you can soon realise doors are nothing but hurdles in life and dancers don’t jump over them but skip the beat with them. With the saturated world we live in, who doesn’t need a break where the music can guide you!

The partnership with Tifosi Sports, the South African Distributor of On - also best known for giving the sensation of running On clouds - makes so much sense. Part of the values and goals of this Swiss based brand is to ignite the human spirit through movement which resonates with us in the dance world. The Street Dance Association recently launched the Club League in 2022, as part of promoting dance as a sport, and we are proud to be part of such an inspiring journey, seeing these kids compete from school to club to nationals and eventually seeing them raise their country’s flag in Austria - this has been more than heart-warming.

The partnership has enabled us to support these young talented dancers by providing them with high-performance products with the lowest possible footprint – engineered for circularity. Although the Cloud X was initially recommended for this form of movement, winners from the league walked away with On shoes of their choice which varied from the Cloudflow, Cloudflyer and some preferring the latest sneaker being the Cloudnova edition which can be worn anywhere, with anything.

The Tifosi Sports team did it again by offering a similar demo opportunity to dancers present at this year’s Dance League – Grand Slam hosted in August 2023 in Curro Aurora Sundowner to perform on stage with one of the bounciest shoes from On - that being the Cloudmonster. You can just tell that the "Athlete Spirit" guides everyone at On, as they are always re-engineering their shoe models toward better.

For learners who may not feature in more traditional school sports - choosing dance as a sport will help them to shine. To find out more about street dance and the various dance clubs around the country visit: