June 07, 2023

It’s one of the most prestigious marathons in the world. Each year, thousands come to Kwazulu Natal to compete in the challenging marathon that takes runners through some of the province’s most beautiful – and challenging – landscapes. The Comrades Marathon, the ultimate test for any runner.

This year, several participants are taking part with their favourite On performance shoes, to not only put themselves through their paces, but to get the best out of a shoe for athletes, designed by athletes.

Charlton Dollie and Loyiso Moumakoe are two of these participants, and in our books, they are already champions for simply being brave enough to give the gruelling course a go.

Charlton, though, is no stranger to The Comrades Marathon. This year marks his 10th Comrades, and he has been training solidly for the last two years. His greatest hope for the Big Day is that the weather would be good.

He qualified for the Comrades in the Johannesburg North City Marathon, in which he achieved his personal best time. Charlton will be running this year’s Comrades in On’s Cloudstratus performance shoes.

“I like the firmness in the heel and the new lace technique,” he says.

You can follow him here: [Charlton Dollie (@chala_mingas) | Instagram]

Loyiso is no stranger to physical endurance and has been on a training programme with Montana Training Group, incorporating slow runs, leg and abdominal strength, speed sessions, long runs and recovery runs.  She is looking forward to her run in the Comrades and qualified for the marathon by doing the Vaal Marathon in a time of 4 hours and thirty-four minutes.

She has chosen to undertake this year’s Comrades in her favourite pair of On performance shoes: the weird and wonderful Cloudmonster.

“It’s very comfy,” she says, “My foot stays in position and I don’t get blisters. It’s really responsive on the road and I feel energised and propelled forward with every step I take.”

You can follow Loyiso’s Comrade’s journey here: [Loyiso Moumakoe (@loyibabe) | Instagram]

We wish these outstanding runners all the best for the Comrades Marathon (Comrades Marathon | The Ultimate Human Race - Comrades Marathon).