July 31, 2022

On South Africa and Tifosi Sports, the official distributor of Swiss-designed and manufactured On products in the country, are proud to support our On Ambassadors as they endeavour to make their mark in the world of sports.

We decided to check in with some of our Ambassadors and get their opinion of running in On shoes. We’re thrilled to get such good feedback, and are happy to share these athletes’ opinions with you.

In this article, we speak to On Ambassador, Nicky Booyens.

  1. What is it about the On Running brand that you absolutely love?

– They don't just look amazing, they are brilliant running shoes. They are practical, have loads of grip, are well cushioned, flexible and have plenty of support. I can run 500-odd kilometres in them and get no blisters! I have been running in On shoes for more than three years now, and they have taken me on the most amazing running adventures.

– The look – they are stylish, eye-catching and are available in a fabulous array of colours.

– On has a huge range for all types of terrain and distances.

  1. Which On products do you use, and what do you love about them?

– The Cloudultra: Being a trail runner, the Cloudultra must be my favourite favourites when it comes to my On shoes. It is my number-one trail shoe choice for any distance. The Missiongrip™ works well on all terrain, and the double CloudTec® technology provides plenty of cushioning and comfort.

– The Cloudventure: The Cloudventure was the very first On trail shoe I ran in, and I loved it. I ran my last 400km Munga Trail in them. I have used the shoes for all three of the Freedom Challenge runs, which are between 478km and 619km long. When the feet start to swell, it is nice to be able to open the shoe laces wide enough to get the foot in.

– The Cloudventure Peak: I use these for shorter, less technical runs. They have a great tread, and are fast and light.

– The Cloudstratus: I don’t do a lot of road running, but when I do, I like the comfort and extra cushioning of the Cloudstratus. It is perfect for any road running distance, and has the rubber grip to provide traction on the road surface.

  1. What message have you got for those who want to try the On brand?
– Try them ON! Take advantage of the On Testing Zones, where you can take On shoes for test runs. You will love them! I know everyone’s feet are different and not every shoe works for everyone, but you will never know how awesome a pair of On shoes are unless you try them.