The On Cloudstratus shoe is a versatile performance running shoe that can take the runner comfortably over any distance. It’s made for the road runner, the distance runner and the marathon runner.

It is the first On performance running shoe to feature connected CloudTec™ layers that provide optimal cushioning. The midsole has been re-engineered to give as much support as necessary, while at the same time does not compromise on comfort. This durable running shoe also has On’s signature Helion™ superfoam added to the midsole so the runner knows that it offers outstanding road protection.

The Cloudstratus running shoe boasts a wider forefoot and heel hold which gives the wearer that customised fit sensation. The toebox is higher and is made from a stretchy mesh which helps to accommodate runners with wider feet. The shoe’s star lacing system also wraps the foot comfortably and allows for stability and comfort during your run.

All On performance running shoes have a Speedboard, however these differ from one shoe style to the next. In the Cloudstratus the middle part of the Speedboard is wider and stiffer. This adds to greater support with less “give” on the shoe, which is particularly helpful for road runners.

Distance runners will also benefit from the firmness of the inner sock, which reduces chaffing. This is especially important for distance and marathon runners who may easily develop blisters.

On is also committed to creating a running shoe that has a reduced impact on the environment. They have turned to materials that can be recycled. Sustainability has become part of the On brand’s ethos, with the Cloudstratus being made from 75% recycled polyester.

The On Cloudstratus running shoe provides the comfort and stability to help runners go the distance with optimal cushioning, while also caring for the planet.