In February 2024, the Monster of all Monsters landed - On's Cloudmonster 2 made its appearance in South Africa and the impact that it has had amongst both younger and more experienced runners, has been simply phenomenal!

We were immediately excited to share the Cloudmonster 2 experience with runners across South Africa, and so we created fun Demo Runs with On Ambassadors, our Tifosi Crew, and a variety of everyday runners who were enticed by the potential that this new shoe had to offer towards enhancing their running experience.

Many runners got to experience the Cloudmonster 2 through our friends RunBoss, Community Track Club, and Mr. O on a few training runs leading up to the Two Oceans Marathon. These community collabs will be happening more frequently, so be sure to follow our socials to find out when we have these awesome get-togethers in the coming months.

Following the launch, our proudest moment to date was seeing our crew, ambassadors, and all the athletes that ran in the Cloudmonster 2, competing in the highly challenging Two Oceans Ultra Marathon. We were there, as always, on the side-lines cheering them on!

Let’s go behind the scenes of the Cloudmonster 2 -

Technical Aspects

Weight: Women size: 245 g / Men size: 300 g
Heel-to-toe: 6 mm
Midsole/Outsole: Outsole: Grip rubber compound with enhanced traction pattern.
Midsole: Helion™ superfoam.
Sustainability: Recycled content:
– Total recycled content: about 20%
– Recycled polyester: about 80%
Speedboard®: Built for propulsion, the midsole now features Helion™ superfoam for a higher energy return.
Upper: Featuring a mesh upper made from 100% recycled polyester.
Best for: Fast training Road Running, Interval Training, Recovery runs, Temp runs, Everyday Training, Half and full marathons, Warm Weather.
Category: Performance Running
Launched: 22 February 2024

Just when you thought CloudTec® couldn't get any bigger… the Monster just did with:

  • Extreme cushioning has been maximised for an unreal bounce, featuring a reworked dual-density Helion™ superfoam.
  • A nylon-blend Speedboard® that encourages momentum and powerful take-offs.
  • An 'alive' with every stride feel. Fixed between two midsole components for comfort, the new Speedboard® gives you extreme propulsion on the road. It's soft, yet responsive.

Our On Ambassadors Joan Pienaar & Peter Yuill , avid runners, and huge fans of Cloudmonster 2 had this to say:

“From the moment you slip them on, you'll notice how incredibly light they feel, yet remarkably spacious around the toes, providing ample room for natural movement. The plush cushioning underfoot offers a soft and supportive feel, ensuring each step is cushioned and responsive, especially during those longer runs. With their lightweight and breathable construction, your feet keep cool and comfortable as you rack up the kilometres. These shoes have truly enhanced my overall running experience. What truly sets the On Cloudmonster 2 apart for me, apart for the comfort factors is its attention to detail in design, from the strategic logo placements to the subtle nod to its Swiss heritage with the flag motif. These small touches elevate the aesthetic appeal of the shoes while also reflecting the brand's commitment to quality craftsmanship. Additionally, the innovative speed board and forward rolling design propel you with each stride, providing an extra boost of energy and efficiency, especially during those extended runs. Overall, I highly recommend the Cloudmonster 2 to any runner who demands the best in comfort, performance, and style.” ~ Peter

“I have been running in the Monster 2’s since March. They have been the best running shoes I have ever owned. The cushioning and the wide toe box made for ease of running since the first wear, and two months later they are still as good as the first time. I feel very supported on my runs, and it is a bonus that they are aesthetically pleasing too. If you are looking for your next half-marathon shoe, there isn't a better option than the Monster 2’s!” ~ Joan

Our On Ambassadors love them so try on a pair and experience it for yourself!

The Last Stretch

The arrival of On's Cloudmonster 2 marked a revolutionary moment for runners everywhere. Its impact has been incredible, enhancing performances and transforming running experiences.

Whether you're a seasoned marathoner or just starting your running journey, the Cloudmonster 2 road running shoe offers unmatched comfort, performance, and style.

Are you ready to unleash your Monster? Explore our colour selection:

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