The Ultimate Human Race, the Comrades Marathon (conceived by World War 1 veteran Vic Clapham in 1921), is well known for living up to its reputation of being a hybrid marathon – an ultimate running challenge combined with the opportunity to build comradery and connection with other brave participants. This race, run every year in KwaZulu-Natal, is an example of the determination of the human spirit as runners attempt to meet the demand of completing two marathon distances back-to-back – an arduous run equating to approximately 85.9kms overall.

In any endurance sport, alongside the blood-sweat-and-tears that go into your training regime, the shoes you choose are critical in successfully achieving the goals in your build-up to this ultra-marathon.

The On Cloudeclipse is a long-run trainer and an endurance runner’s dream allowing you to push further and achieve more.

A double layer of CloudTec Phase® cushioning underfoot pillows every step to make long-distance cruising a dream, with reduced impact on your joints through maximal cushioning that allows for an incredibly smooth and comfortable run.

Tech Specs:

Double CloudTec Phase®:

With On's thickest midsole and softest cushioning introduced to date, the Cloudeclipse road running shoe takes your comfort levels to new heights. As your feet land, the double layer of CloudTec Phase® cushioning works in sequence to absorb the road surface impact. The result is a smooth roll-through experience from heel to toe and a plush ride – exactly what you need for the several hours that your feet will be pounding all the way to the finish line.

Upper made with Sustainability in mind:

The Cloudeclipse isn't just a great running shoe with eye-catching looks. On has implemented water-saving techniques in their manufacturing process, resulting in a 90% reduction in water usage during colour dyeing. Furthermore, the shoe’s upper breathable mesh is made from 100% recycled polyester.

Helion™ Superfoam Midsole:

The lightweight, ultra-thick midsole (made from Helion™ super foam) protects runners against the heavy impact with the road surface. The result is “happier” joints and more fresh legs during your longest runs.

Shoe performance:

The Finishing Line:

Choosing the right shoe for the Comrades Marathon is important. It can affect your performance and overall experience. This is especially true if you plan to use the full 12-hour cut-off time to complete the race.

The Cloudeclipse stands out as an exceptional choice, offering advanced feet cushioning that ensures that your every step feels comfortable. By reducing the impact on your joints, the Cloudeclipse will allow you to go the distance.

Designed specifically for long-distance running, the Cloudeclipse is durable and provides both the support and the comfort you need to focus on your Comrades Marathon preparation - without being distracted by discomfort or pain.

Invest in a pair of Cloudeclipse for your next training session and experience the ultimate in endurance running footwear, making your marathon journey not only achievable but truly enjoyable.

Your feet will thank you!