April 12, 2023

On’s Cloudmonster performance shoes have always looked a little different. They boast the largest clouds in the On range – and for good reason. The Cloudtec® on the Cloudmonster are designed to provide the highest energy return while also providing luxurious cushioning.

And because the Cloudmonsters are weird, On has introduced some new weird colourways so that you don’t just get the most out of your workout, you get to look fantastic at the same time.

Now you can enjoy your run in full technicolour with the volume turned up in the weirdest On performance shoe to hit the shelves. Powerful take offs are brought to you by the radical rocker shape and the largest Cloudtec® features yet. Whether you’re out for a recovery run or doing 20kms, the Cloudmonster ensures that you have an explosive lift off and nice soft landing.

The soft sock liner and upper are made from recycled materials, and provide you with added comfort on your run. It’s light, durable and temperature resistant – fantastic for those long runs.

The weirdest running shoes on the block now come in Nimbus and Hay for women and Iron and Hay for men. Running has never looked this cool!

Get weird on your next run and grab a pair of Cloudmonsters to transform your comfort on those long runs.