June 10, 2023
While On manufacture a variety of running shoe ranges, you will often hear people refer to On shoes as On cloud shoes. Here we take a look at how On has become synonymous with running on clouds.

Why do people call it On cloud shoes?

People sometimes refer to On shoes as "On cloud shoes" because of the distinctive cloud-like pods or "clouds" on the sole of the shoe. The cushioning technology developed by On is known as CloudTec, and it features individual clouds that provide a unique running experience. The clouds are designed to offer cushioning upon impact and a firm platform for an efficient toe-off, creating a sensation of running on clouds. The term "On cloud shoes" has become a popular way to describe On's footwear due to the prominent feature of the cloud-like cushioning pods on the soles.

Are these On cloud shoes popular?

On cloud shoes have gained popularity in the running community and have become quite popular among runners worldwide. Over the years, On cloud shoes has garnered a significant following and has experienced notable growth in the running shoe market. Many runners appreciate the unique combination of comfort, performance, and style offered by On cloud shoes. The brand's innovative CloudTec cushioning technology has resonated with runners seeking a responsive and cushioned running experience. Additionally, On has collaborated with professional athletes and teams, further increasing its visibility and appeal to running enthusiasts. Overall, On cloud shoes have established a strong presence in the running shoe market and have earned a loyal fan base.

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