Run on Clouds - Swift 3.0          

Over the course of months, We’ve been meeting more and more elite Athletes who are serious about finding the most complete shoe. Some are looking for more lightweight shoes, some are looking for more cushioning or an all-in-one, with one athlete commenting that “a couple of grammes won’t make a difference in your step, it’s the step that needs to be effortless”.

With patented cushioning, a midsole that provides support when it comes to a hard pavement course, (or in the case of Joburg, it would be potholes), and the elastic retraction for the clever design of the backstay, it feels like it’s a one-size-fits-all type of shoe, which is an enormous upgrade from the tight sock fit from the previous CloudSwift. There is more stretch in the CloudSwift 3.0 as it easily goes back to its original form. It gives you more room from the heel height sitting 29.6mm and the heel-to-toe drop is a comfortable 5mm, giving you more support.

On added more Helion cushioning on the midsole while making the upper much more flexible. They added more padding to keep you in the race, maximising comfort. The shoes are now available in more urban colours, meaning that they can be your running shoe or your fashion shoe. This sleek aesthetic makes them versatile enough to be worn with a pair of jeans. We think it’s a sleek enough look for shorts and shades at the beach after finishing a 21km run.

The shoe provides an effortless feel, and look, bringing it close to perfection. Simple, uniform and comfortable was the exact fit that On was going for with this sleek upgrade.