October 27, 2023

Completing the Iron Man triathlon demands unwavering determination. Noel Smouse, a participant in On's athlete ambassador program, successfully earned a spot at the Iron Man World Championships, which took place on August 27 this year. The 2023 IRONMAN 70.3 World Championship was hosted by the green and pristine natural surroundings of Lahti, Finland.

Noel Smouse goes beyond personal best

Noel Smouse felt that the journey to qualifying for the World Championship in Finland was tough but ultimately rewarding. He doubled down on his training, with his focus on remaining injury-free while pushing his body to its limits to increase his fitness and stamina for the race.

“I favour the On Cloud Monster during my run training sessions and I believe that good gear contributes to keeping you free of injury,” he says. “The engines need to be tested from time to time and when I laced up for a race it's always the Cloud Boom Echo.”

The Cloud Boom Echo 3 was exactly what he used to compete in the Iron Man World Championships. According to Smouse, On’s Cloud Boom Echo 3 didn’t disappoint. “The feedback from the shoe was perfect,” Smouse says, “There is enough stiffness for a fast run while maintaining the comfort the On shoe range is renowned for.”

Light showers came down on the day of the race. The lake provided a nice, flat swim, but the day bit back with an icy bike course. The run took place on gravel in some areas. The rain, of course, made these areas slippery. Smouse felt safe and comfortable in his Cloud Boom Echo 3s. The shoe’s traction kept him on course over the wet gravel, preventing slips and falls.

Smouse also felt that wearing On apparel also helped him in the weather. His Zero cap, he says, made his race a lot more comfortable. And with all this technical help behind him, Smouse finished in his personal best time of 4 hours and 41 minutes.

Congratulations, Noel. You are a courageous man.

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