Looking for a supportive, versatile running shoe that is relatively lightweight? On’s Cloudultra has that all in one package.

If distance running is your jam, there is no better choice than this performance shoe, On’s Cloudultra has been designed specifically with distance in mind. Two layers of Helion™ superfoam provides extra cushioning that goes the distance, aiming for the ultimate experience in comfort.

This trail shoe is made with breathable materials and comes with FlipRelease™ technology, allowing a simple flick of a switch to create more comfort on your run. This means that you can ease the pressure a bit when feet begin to swell on those long runs.

Missiongrip™ with three distinctive traction patterns allows you to get the traction you need on and off road. On’s Cloudultra trail shoes are relatively lightweight, allowing for a faster and more controlled run.

With a stiffer upper, On’s Cloudultra provides greater support, which is necessary for ultramarathons and distance running. And because it’s somewhat lightweight, you get support, comfort and traction when you pick up the pace.