January 31, 2023

In 2023, runners will be able to increase their performance by using CloudTec® from On. This innovative shoe sole technology provides a variety of benefits that helps runners to improve their speed, endurance, and overall performance.

The cushioning system, called CloudTec®, forms the foundation of each On shoe and truly makes the design of every On shoe different. This patented technology is engineered with the single purpose of delivering a soft landing followed by an efficient and explosive take-off. It’s the special power in every On shoe.

Swiss-engineered for performance, Cloudtec® focuses on cushioning rather than correction and ensures a unique and natural running sensation for the wearer. The CloudTec® cushioning system actively absorbs the impact of a runner’s foot strike on a hard road surface by reacting to the individual’s unique forward motion movements, compressing both horizontally and vertically.

This ensures that cushioning and support is just where it is most needed. The overall result is improved running form, less effort, faster pace, and the ability to run longer with fewer injuries.

Meticulously engineered in On’s testing labs with ongoing advances, all On shoe designs deliver an unbelievably light running sensation and it is getting more active people to experience the sensation of “Running on Clouds”.

The company behind the shoes, On, is a Swiss company that has been making running shoes for over 20 years and taking running to the next level. As the official distributor of the On brand in South Africa, Tifosi Sports has been offering an extensive range of On shoes and active wear to South African consumers since 2017.

Visit our Customer Care Team at 3 Eileen Road, Blairgowrie in Johannesburg to speak to one of our trained consultants.

For more information, customers can also view our online store at www.tifosisports.co.za or visit one of our approved reseller retail stores around South Africa.