July 10, 2023
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Oh man. Winter seems to be the best time to pack away the running shoes, order pizza and hibernate. The cold weather is often used as an excuse to set aside our fitness goals while the chilly weather reaches its icy fingers across Mzansi.

But that is all they are: excuses. Yes, it’s cold. Yes, pizza and Netflix may seem like a good idea at the time. You still have fitness goals to reach, so don’t let winter snatch your progress away, and use this time to adapt your training schedule, add something different and keep moving forward. Tifosi Sports and On Running has performance gear to help hit those fitness goals and we have some tips to keep you going through the cold months, summer bodies are made in winter after all.

  1. Design a winter workout plan

    When you put some thought into your fitness programme, you have a greater chance of sticking to it. Take into account the types of workouts you want to include along with your training schedule. Diarise your workout days and avoid skipping your training. Remember to add rewards into your programme, for example, for sticking to it for two weeks, you treat yourself to a manicure.

  2. Winter activewear makes all the difference

    You need something lightweight that will protect you from the elements if part of your training programme is outdoor activities. On has a wide selection of excellent active apparel such as the Weather Jacket, the Running Jacket for ultralight protection whatever the weather. Made with high-tech Japanese fabrics, it’s the perfect companion for wild runs.

    Alternatively, if you’re planning some hiking, trekking, or just exploring the neighbourhood, the Climate Jacket pairs multi-purpose protection with targeted insulation.

  3. Take a class or learn a new sport

    So, you’ve decided to limit all your training to indoor activities. This is the perfect opportunity to try a class such as spinning or Zumba, or to pick up a new sport like squash or indoor cricket. It’s always good to mix things up for yourself and surprise your body with a new activity.

  4. Get a buddy to join you

    You are not alone in your fitness journey, and most certainly there are friends who are facing the same challenges when it comes to winter workouts. Join forces and support each other in winter. Check in with each other to discuss goals and achievements, or even better, train together.

  5. Focus on nutrition

    Winter is a great time to take a look at your food and nutrition plan. Now is the time to take stock of where you are on nutrition. Do you need to add healthier options? Do you need to add more exciting meals? Is your eating programme matching the energy you are using? These are some of the questions to consider. This is also a great time to sit down with a dietician or nutritionist, if you haven’t already done so, and get a programme that fits into your lifestyle – and winter!

Stay on goal this winter. Challenge yourself a little. You may surprise yourself with how much progress you can make. Above all, go beyond.