June 30, 2023

In our latest blog, we highlight several important factors to consider when buying new On cloud shoes.

Here are some key aspects to look at when buying On cloud shoes:

1. Fit:

Proper fit is crucial when choosing any running shoe, especially around the heel. You must ensure that your On cloud shoes provide a snug yet comfortable fit. Both left and right shoe should have enough room in the toe box to allow for natural toe movement without being too tight or too loose.

2. Pronation and Support:

Before choosing the best On cloud shoe for your needs, take some time to research (or get professional advice) and also to understand your pronation type (neutral, overpronation, or under pronation / supination) in order to determine the level of support you may need. On cloud shoes are structurally neutral shoes yet are designed to provide both stability and motion control - as well as the correct amount of support and cushioning for all runners.

3. Cushioning:

A vital consideration is the level of cushioning you prefer as a more cushioned running shoe ensures less strain on your joints, minimises fatigue and significantly enhances your running experience. Some runners prefer their On cloud shoes to have more cushioning for shock absorption, especially for longer distances whilst others prefer a more responsive and minimalist feel. All our stockist stores in South Africa have a range of On shoes for you to try – be it that they stock running shoes, trail shoes and/or all-day wear shoes. Make sure to try on different On cloud shoes to find the right balance of cushioning that suits your comfort and running style.

4. Arch Support:

Assess the arch support provided by the specific On cloud shoes you are trying out. The fit of the shoe should align with the natural arch of your foot. On cloud shoes offer various levels of arch support - ne it a high arch, medium arch, or low arch support.

5. Terrain and Running Style:

Consider the type of terrain you typically run on. Different On cloud shoes are designed for road running, trail running, or both. Additionally, think about your running style and running needs. Consider aspects such as speed, distance, support required or specific training needs - then choose the On cloud shoe that best aligns with your requirements.

6. Durability:

Look for durable materials and construction to ensure that the shoes can withstand regular use. The outsole of the On cloud shoe of your choice should provide good traction and be resistant to wear and tear - ultimately this is a feature that all On cloud shoes are known for.

7. Flexibility:

Check the flexibility of the shoe of your choice. Each style of On shoe is designed with a uniquely designed Speedboard® - unique because each style of On offers different levels of flex to match your normal running speed. In summary, On cloud shoes allow for natural foot movement and flexibility through the toe-off phase of running.

8. Professional Fitting:

If possible, visit a speciality running store like Tifosi Sports or one of our approved resellers for a professional fitting. They can assess your gait, foot shape and running needs to provide you with recommendations for the best On cloud shoe for you.

Remember, individual preferences and needs vary, so it's essential to find On cloud shoes that feel comfortable, support your running style and also align with your specific requirements.

You can also take our quiz and see which shoe works for you.

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