August 31, 2023

The bug has bitten. You are ready to hit the road running to improve your performance, to gain stamina and endurance, to start taking on those long roads and perhaps even a competition or two. The shoes you wear can make all the difference to your performance.

Why get performance shoes for running?

It’s simple. You may have noticed by now that you can’t just take to the road for a run in just any kind of trainer or tekkie. You may have found that you experience foot and muscle fatigue after your run. The appropriate shoe for your feet and body can mitigate those and other issues you may have encountered.

Wearing the correct shoe can improve your stability and support, which means that your foot isn’t working so hard to provide all the stability itself. On has wide range of performance running shoes to meet most runner's needs. One such style is the Cloudswift 3. It is built for endurance and running on road surfaces, with the ultimate in cushioning, to alleviate fatigue. It optimises the foot’s natural rolling motion, enhancing endurance and stability.

Wearing the right shoe can also reduce the energy it takes for you to run, improving performance and stride, making you that little bit faster – a perk for taking on any kind of race. On’s Cloudgo running shoe gives that energy boost you need, especially when it comes to those last few kilometres when you need it most. This extraordinary lightweight shoe is ideal for the beginner who is ready to take things seriously and who wants to run on clouds.

Ultimately, you want to enjoy your run and reduce the chances of injury. Due to their design and the Cloudtec® in On shoes, the cushioning is sublime, allowing you to almost float through the course. On’s Cloudmonster comes with the largest clouds in the sole of the shoe, increasing the cushioning to the highest level so that you can comfortably take on longer runs.

On products are imported and supplied by Tifosi Sports in South Africa. If you’re ready to get serious, and you want to experience that running on clouds sensation, try our Best On for you Quiz and find the appropriate running shoe for your needs so that you can hit the ground running. Seriously.