August 30, 2023

Of course, every pair of On performance shoes will have you running on clouds. However, having the right shoes for the right task is paramount to success in athletics and fitness.

Selecting the right shoe for each activity can be daunting, but Tifosi Sports and On performance shoes have made that an easy task. While many of the shoes share similar features, each line of performance shoes slots in with specific activities, providing the best support, comfort and technology for each activity.

Why is choosing the right shoe so important?

First and foremost: injury prevention. There are a number of activities, such as running, that can put strain on joints. Without the proper cushioning and support, injuries can occur – from strains to fractures – due to wearing the incorrect shoes. This is crucial when it comes to sports that have a high impact like trail running and marathon running. The right shoe for a sport is designed specifically for the foot movement involved in that specific sport. For example, foot movement in basketball will differ from that of soccer, rugby or triathlon running. Even short distance runners and marathon runners have vastly different needs as far as their footwear is concerned.

For example, On’s Cloudventure Peak 3 is designed to be lightweight for trail runners. On the other hand, the Cloud X3 is specific to indoor training. While it, too, is lightweight, it offers the stability required for indoor workout sessions.

Proper shoes also mean healthier feet. And, healthier feet mean fewer injuries. Things like sores, blisters and calluses can have an impact on foot health and are a sign that the shoes you’re wearing are not the right kind for the sport you are engaging in. Yes, you can expect some blisters on a marathon, but if inflammation, swelling and sores occur as well, you may want to check your choice of shoe.

All of On’s performance shoes come with Cloudtec®, providing the cushioning the shoes are famous for. Some, like the Cloudmonster, have larger “clouds”, providing the ultimate cushioning needed for long distance and marathon running, while the Cloud X3’s “clouds” are not as large, but still, provide the right cushioning and support for indoor training.

Finally, the right shoe provides comfort. Some shoes come with more breathability, others with firmer grip. Each of these is designed to bring the highest level of comfort to the activity they are designed for.

We know that nothing is more comfortable than running on clouds, which is why there are so many choices available for different sports. To find the right shoe for your sport or activity, try our Best On for You Quiz and discover the world of going beyond and running on clouds.