August 16, 2023

Ultra endurance running on both road and trails has become popular among many South African runners. On the South African running calendar there are a number of races that are appealing to the international market. Events such as The Two Oceans Ultra Marathon & Trail, Sanlam Cape Town Marathon / Trail, Soweto Marathon, MUT by UTMB and the Big C (Comrades Marathon) often draw a crowd.

There are millions of wonderful stories out there of ordinary people doing extraordinary things at some South African ultra distance events. All these amazing success stories range from people just wanting to stay fit and healthy to those who compete at elite level. Throughout all of this, the one aspect that is vitally important is using the correct footwear and apparel.

On Running products have taken the ultra-endurance market in South Africa by storm making marathons and ultra endurance events so much more comfortable, and playing a massive part in achieving amazing results. This is all down to the world class technology in On Running products, and the constant development of functional technology in On Running products.

On Running products are all uniquely designed, with their own unique development path. This means that having a wide range of products to choose from helps in making sure that product selection is tailored to each person’s need, no matter the distance or the terrain. Durability of running products is important to people attempting longer distance events or even those getting moving for the first time. Helion super foam is a durable compound in a midsole design that allows for extreme comfort and durability in all conditions (hot or cold). Each individual footwear product is uniquely designed with its own specific cloud technology formation.

In the third quarter of the calender year in South Africa, runners normally start getting ready to qualify for these big events and this is the perfect time to make sure that they start this period with the correct products. On Running products offers athletes the opportunity to specifically select a product that first and foremost suits their specific needs as well as caters for all distances from 1km to 100km and even further than that.

Now is the time to explore some of the amazing On Running products from Tifosi Sports and find out what it feels like to run on clouds.