March 15, 2023

On’s latest Cloudsurfer is launching on 23 March 2023. It is a running shoe equipped with CloudTec Phase™ – a  technology that is sure to deliver the smoothest ride ever.

Over a decade ago, On launched its first shoe portfolio that combined performance and comfort – creating the sensation of “running on clouds.” Now, the engineers at On Labs have further developed this technology. Using the power of computer-optimised technology – Finite Element Analysis (FEA) – On have researched the impact of running shoe materials and structures on the human body while running.

The result from all this research is the introduction of CloudTec Phase™ – a midsole technology that delivers an incredibly smooth ride and cushioned landing.

In the latest version of the Cloudsurfer, newly shaped elements made from Helion™ super foam collapse like dominos and interlock for a revolutionary rolling motion and stride transition, ensuring a level stride throughout the foot’s roll and proper energy return. High traction and durability, for both wet and dry conditions, is provided by the thin rubber pads on the outsole. This new running shoe design from On removes the need for a Speedboard®, reducing weight and waste and further advancing On’s sustainability initiatives.

On the Sustainability front, the 2023 Cloudsurfer is here to “make waves.” The upper is made from 100% recycled materials and On has used the dope-dyeing method for colouring the upper, saving 95% water usage compared to conventional dyeing methods. Since CloudTec Phase™ doesn’t have a Speedboard® plate, less material is needed for the midsole.

The CloudTec® will remain an integral part of the product portfolio, and the new Cloudsurfer is the first model with CloudTec Phase™. Other models will soon follow.

The Cloudsurfer retails at R2999.00 in South Africa from 23 March 2023 and is available for online purchase on our official website and also at various other approved retail partners throughout the country.