January 04, 2024

On’s new Cloudeclipse takes running on clouds to the next level. You can now cover greater distances, experience supreme cushioning and get an extra speed boost as you challenge yourself to go beyond your limits on the road.

Athletes in On’s athlete programme have taken On’s Cloudeclipse for a test run and have come back glowing and feeling that they are "running on clouds".

“The Cloudeclipse is comfortable, sporty and soft,” says Zinhle Shabalala, “It’s good for marathons and ultra-marathons. I know this shoe is going to boost my performance because it feels so fast and light. It’s also affordable in terms of price if I compare to other premium running shoe brands.”

The great thing about On’s Cloudeclipse is that even though it is technically a "heavier" shoe (just 285 grams), the ultimate cushioning from the Double CloudTec Phase® gives it that awesome "light feel".

Gerald Bambilo has also "fallen in love" with his pair of Cloudeclipse. “You go longer and love every second,” he says, “A double layer of CloudTec Phase® cushioning underfoot pillows every step to make long-distance cruising a dream. I experienced reduced impact on my joints through the high level of cushioning from this latest running shoe style from On. I really enjoy the smooth ride of this running shoe.”

CloudTec gives the Cloudeclipse that enhanced take-off and light, soft landing, which takes pressure off muscles and joints as runners glide through their race. The Speedboard® further enhances the added control and stability.

“The Cloudeclipse is a comfortable shoe,” says Bonga Nkqintiza, “It has become the only shoe I use for most of my runs. I like the material of the upper shoe because it’s breathable and quickly dries when it’s wet. I have done some long runs on the road, and it’s so comfy. My speed session times on the tar road have improved from the energy give back of the sole. I like the structure of the sole and the difference made by the Helion™ superfoam and CloudTec from On.”

When it comes to running on clouds, On’s Cloudeclipse is a clear winner - it truly is a light, versatile performance shoe. The combination of the ultra-softness and stability offers runners exactly what they need to keep them running on clouds.