January 26, 2024

Broaden your horizons

South Africa is home to some of the most spectacular trail runs, with our country having many diverse routes and terrains for active outdoor-loving people.

Whether you’re running in Nature’s Valley or enjoying the scenic view of The Otter Trail run, or choosing to navigate the rocky terrain of the Dryland Tankwa Trail - there are plenty of beautiful trails with varying levels of difficulty for you to enjoy.

The right shoes to help you stay on track

To explore the best trail run routes in South Africa, where rugged terrains, breathtakingly beautiful landscapes, and exhilarating challenges await runners and walkers, you need the right shoes. The right footwear is essential. The trail shoes you choose should be more than just a gear; they are your companions on the journey. If your goal is to push your limits, or simply get your heart rate up, you will need trail shoes that are comfortable, durable and provide the right support when navigating challenging trails.

Meet the Cloudultra from On - where comfort meets endurance

As one of the most comfortable and durable trail running shoes, the Cloudultra has been designed to tackle all terrain types. This On shoe is known for its ability to deliver smooth and comfortable performances – particularly on trails that can be hard on your feet. Designed for off-road training, long-distance trail running, race days, and all-day walking, the Cloudultra shoe is truly versatile enough to handle any terrain!

Go the distance

Reviews from South African runners highlight the shoe's ability to offer exceptional comfort. The softer Helion™ superfoam and TPU Speedboard® in the sole deliver unparalleled support and energy return that will support your feet throughout the day. These two key elements create the cushioning system that is engineered to absorb impact and provide a responsive bounce, allowing for a smooth and comfortable ride on any terrain.

Additionally, the Cloudultra is known for its durability. Constructed with high-quality materials, this shoe can withstand the toughest of trails. The outsole features Missiongrip™ - a durable rubber compound that offers excellent traction and grip, ensuring stability and confidence with every step. Whether you're running on rocky terrains or muddy paths, the Cloudultra will keep you comfortable, while delivering the performance you’d expect from a premium trail running shoe.

Effort becomes effortless

Another standout feature of the Cloudultra is its lightweight design. On has managed to create a shoe that feels incredibly light on the feet, ensuring you experience effortless movement and agility.

The men’s shoes weigh 295g and the lady's shoe weighs just 245g with an 8mm heel-toe drop. This is particularly important for trail runners who need to navigate uneven surfaces and quick changes in direction. The Cloudultra's lightweight construction enhances performance and reduces fatigue, making it a top choice for long-distance runners.

Enjoy your ride in style

The Cloudultra boasts a sleek and stylish design thereby appealing to both seasoned athletes and casual runners. With a range of colour options, you can find a shoe that matches your personal style and stands out on the trails. On has also incorporated other innovative features, such as a breathable upper and a secure lacing system, to help ensure that form matches function.

Reach new heights

Whether you're a novice or a seasoned trail runner, the Cloudultra trail shoe can deliver the ultimate trail run experience. Discover the brilliance of the Cloudultra and step into a world where every trail becomes an adventure, and every run can take you on a memorable journey to explore South Africa's diverse landscapes.

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