September 19, 2023

For those who have long been fans of On's Cloudstratus shoe, there's exciting news: it just got even better, boasting improved cushioning and performance for running on hard asphalt.

Could this just be the best road running shoe from On to-date?

Well, the standout feature of the Cloudstratus 3 is its double layer of On's Cloudtec® which translates into substantially enhanced cushioning and less shock through your body. Cloudtec® offers your feet and joints invaluable protection on roads or unforgiving surfaces and plays a crucial role in injury prevention. Whether you're embarking on short sprints or tackling long distances, the extra cushioning in this new On shoe comes to your rescue. The inclusion of the Helion™ midsole amplifies the softness and adds to the shoe's powerful take-off capability. This new road running shoe from On also features superior grip giving you more confidence to run on slippery road surfaces.

What sets the Cloudstratus 3 apart is the research-backed performance. A study conducted by the UK's esteemed Loughborough University underscores how the double Cloudtec® technology effectively reduces muscle fatigue and pain, particularly on those gruelling long-distance runs. It's also proven to delay the onset of fatigue and muscle soreness to your lower back and legs.

The updated nylon Speedboard® ensures a smooth forward-rolling motion, synergising perfectly with the superior cushioning for gentler landings. This makes the Cloudstratus 3 an ideal companion for road running enthusiasts.

For environmentally conscious runners, the Cloudstratus 3 brings good news. It is constructed with a base content consisting of 100% recyclable materials, contributing to a total of 23% recycled materials throughout the shoe's design.

Fashion meets functionality with the Cloudstratus 3, which now boasts an array of fantastic new colour options for both men and women. Women can opt for the serene "chilled wash nimbus" while men can embrace the stylish "metal wisteria."

Whether you're engaged in intense interval training, conquering a half marathon, or pushing your limits in ultra-running, the Cloudstratus 3 from On is engineered to deliver the punch you need to shave seconds off your personal best - all while providing a comfortable and forward-rolling ride.

Elevate your running experience with the new, innovative and reliable Cloudstratus 3 and go beyond.

Do you still have more questions about our latest shoe release? Then why not contact our Team at Tifosi Sports to answer any questions you may have about the technical features of this On shoe or any other style in our range. Ultimately, we would like to get you into the best On running shoe for your needs.


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