September 18, 2023

You face the rocky and rough terrain. The wind is high, and every muscle and sinew is wound up and ready to shoot you forward on the trail. You’ve trained, you’ve worked out, you know every inch of this trail. You and your On Cloudultra 2 have got this.

The next generation Cloudultra 2 for men is here and it’s ready to provide the smoothest performance on the trail that you’ve ever experienced. Stability, versatility and grip are all part of this performance shoe made specifically for trail running.

The Speedboard® is made from nylon to provide protection on the trail – and that added power needed for every take off. Landings are softer with Cloudtec® cushioning that reduces impact, lowering foot fatigue. The two features work together to provide you with powerful propulsion and movement, giving you the advantage over the trail.

Trail runs can be brutal. The Cloudultra 2’s softer Helion™ Superfoam provides even more cushioning, making your trail run a smoother experience. The step-in knitted sock, made from 100% recycled polyester, makes for a better fit – vital for trail running – and keeps dirt and debris out of the shoe, while allowing much needed air in to help with breathability.

On’s new Cloudultra 2 comes with Missiongrip™ outsole and an updated stud layout. This gives 50% greater ground contact and increased grip that will make those particularly challenging areas of terrain much easier to handle, while your footing remains stable.

The performance shoe’s shape has undergone a complete redesign to reduce heel offset and create a smoother ride. Support is key in this new design, with mid-foot panels contributing to stability that can be relied on even on the loosest of trails.

The new Cloudultra 2 for men is available in South Africa and comes in a wash navy, so you get to look as good as you feel while running your trail. The shoe is ideal for long trail running, ultra racing, trail racing and will carry you comfortably across gravel roads.

Now you can face the trail with confidence and greater support. The trail is calling.