November 02, 2023

It’s not a solar eclipse. It’s not a lunar eclipse. It's a new running shoe design from On. It's competitively priced. It’s the Cloudeclipse.

The latest performance shoe from On takes the weirdness of the Cloudmonster to the very next level for runners who are serious about getting more distance out of their performance shoe and adding endurance to their run.

The Cloudeclipse is a different kind of shoe but ideal for both experienced runners and beginners. Elements from the Cloudsurfer fuse with a new take on performance and speed. While it is a heavier shoe, it is packed with supreme cushioning to make your ride feel as light and soft. Helion™ superfoam is there in abundance, with a more elevated stack and a Speedboard® moving from right near the foot to the bottom of the shoe.

This new performance shoe still packs an explosive take off with a 6mm drop and larger rocker so that every take off is boosted. Every landing is softened with the CloudTec® that we have grown accustomed to and love. These larger rockers also bring about a more controlled run.

The x-shaped Speedboard® adds even more stability and control, which is exactly what you need when taking on those longer distances. The knitted tongue not only gives all the comfort vibes, but puts even more emphasis on the control that this shoe has to offer. All this combines to provide both run on clouds comfort and enhanced stability.

Padding at the back of the shoe not only provides better foot grip and stability but allows, once again, for control on your run. The new rubber layout on the outside provides better grip and durability. The rubber placement is also strategic to help with control.

Because the Cloudeclipse has so much cushioning and provides a more stable ride, it is a great choice for those who want to reduce foot and leg fatigue. You can rest assured that you will also be reducing the pressure on the environment with the upper being composed of 100% recycled polyester mesh.

Go beyond your limits and test your endurance with the new Cloudeclipse premium running shoe. Now available in the Black | Frost colourway at R3499.00.

Basic facts of this On shoe:

Type: Neutral
Use: Marathon, Half-Marathon, Road Running
Weight 240g - 285g
Drop 6mm

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