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Why socks aren’t a horrible Christmas gift after all

Socks get a bad rap, especially during the festive season. They’re the quintessential Christmas gift for your dad, and he’s always enthusiastic about them, although you somehow always get the inkling that he’s just doing that to set your mind at ease.

It turns out, socks aren’t a horrible Christmas gift after all – in fact, if you have loved ones that are avid runners and fitness buffs, good socks are a great gift!

Compressport’s ProRacing sock range have been developed over a number of years, and are packed with all the features you’d expect from premium racing socks.

The Compressport Run Hi Cut Socks V3 are great for runners and walkers. They were designed to keep the feet cool during sessions on the road or the trails, and the very fibres they are woven from are hot spot preventers. Compressport Run Hi Cut Socks v3 are woven in a way that keeps feet cool and dry, and the ventilation stripe design lets air enter the 3D dots to provide optimum ventilation to the sole of the foot.

Speaking of the 3D dots: these innovative little spheres have a number of purposes. They are multi-directional to give you maximum grip and prevent the foot from slipping inside the shoe, but also don’t absorb any moisture from perspiration or water. Rather, the 3D dots facilitate the discharge of moisture away from the foot, keeping the feet protected and in place, but not wet.

Designed by the experts at Compressport, the Run Hi Cut Socks V3 also give the wearer a number of compression benefits. The hemless weave of the socks relieves pressure from the legs, whilst giving the feet an acupressure multi-point massage of the sole area, to activate blood circulation. The socks are designed anatomically correctly and the toe box area has been reinforced to protect the big toe and toenail. This sock is ideal for runners, trail runners and walkers.

For those loved ones that bade their time on bicycles and mountain bikes, the Compressport Bike Socks V3 are a great gift option. The Bike Socks V3 have the same patented features as the Run Hi Cut Socks V3, and supports and protects the Achilles tendon from friction and pressure during activity. The innovative and anatomically correct weave pattern provides arch stimulation to the foot, whilst also facilitating venous return and recovery. The Hi Cut’s design goes great with all types of cycling attire.

Compressport’s ProRacing Sock range includes a variety of different designs to suit any sport, including high-cut and low-cut socks for the road, trail or bike. For even greater moisture reduction, Compressport also offers the Ultralight range, and there are enough colours to suit even the most discerning taste.

Look, if they’re good enough for pro-athletes and even world champions in a number of different disciplines, then they’re good enough for your fitness-crazy friend. Never think of socks as a bad gift again!

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