Trail running athlete wearing Compressport Postural Tank top SS

What makes Compressport different from competitors?

Compressport has manufactured top-quality, sought-after compression gear for 11 years. The scientific basis that we use to develop compression socks, sleeves, shirts, shorts and other products has made Compressport one of the most popular compression gear brands around, with notable examples like Mike Wardian, winner and record holder of the recently held World Marathon Challenge preferring Compressport above other types of compression clothing.

The science is sound

A lot of research investigating the proposed health benefits of wearing compression clothing has been done in recent years. In a report by experts at UPMC Sports Medicine, compression gear is praised for its many benefits, both for professional athletes and for amateurs.

Our products are the result of collaboration between doctors and manufacturers that specialise in medical compression, and we always keep a keen eye on how science says we can improve our gear to be as beneficial to the wearer as possible when developing our products.

Compressport has redefined the compression apparel market because we hold our products to extremely high standards:

  • Compressport is a 100% Swiss company, and all the materials (textiles, yarns, dyes) and even the machines used in manufacturing Compressport products are 100% European-made.
  • The fabrics and yarns used in our products meet the Oeko-Tex Standard 100: Independent controls, ensuring that they do not pose any health risk.
  • We use the globally recognised Salzmann test apparatus to measure and validate the compression classes on all our products.
  • The materials used in our products are tested time and time again, to maximise the efficiency and lifetime of our products.
  • We are lucky to have top-level athletes that test our products and give their feedback before products are released to the market.

Compressport products are endorsed by countless professional athletes around the world, and because our compression wear is tested in the particularly harsh conditions that these top competitors face, you can rest assured that Compressport truly is the leading manufacturer of compression apparel on a global scale.

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