Trade_ in your old Compressport Gear Tifosi Sports

Out with the old, in with the new!

Trade in your old compression gear and get great discounts!

You probably feel a bit more motivated to train as it has started to warm up, and the mornings and evenings are starting to lose their bite. Now, take a good, hard look at your full compression socks and calf sleeves. Does it look like they’re worse for winter’s wear? If so, head to your nearest branch of The Sweat Shop, Troisport or Durban Runner, trade in your old pair of calf sleeves or full compression socks, and get a 30% discount on a brand spanking new pair of premium-quality Compressport full compression socks or R2v2 calf sleeves.

You can trade in any brand of sleeves or socks, but please note that the discount is subject to trading in a complete pair of socks or sleeves, and is only valid for a limited time. All the gear that is traded in will be donated to charities. Take advantage of this special offer and make sure the change of season comes with a wardrobe change and many comfortable racing miles with Compressport.

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