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Here are Your Top 10 Cycling Jams

Need a bit of motivation to get you pumped for your next outdoor adventure? Tired of hearing ‘Eye of the Tiger’ for the umpteenth time? Here a few fresh jams to flex to your muscles to.

(P.S. ‘Eye of the Tiger’ is not included.)

1. Demi Lovato – Cool for the Summer

She’s definitely come a long way since her Disney days on Camp Rock and in this song she shows just how much she’s grown (minus the tongue and sponge white glove). Innuendoes curiosity aside, the piano build-up will set in you in motion for the road ahead, while the guitar riff will have you taking those corners like pro.

2. 212 – Azealia Banks

Lazy Jay lays down one of the most infectious tracks of EDM with arguably one of the most controversial artists of the internet age, Azealia Banks. Banks’ raunchy lyrics of domination, mixed with a watered-down rave sound will have you aiming for the top spot in any race.

3. Stardust – Music Sounds Better With You

This one-hit wonder from a one-hit band is everyone’s favourite nostalgic French dancefloor filler. However the waving synths and crooning vocals are perfect for the trail or cruising on the road before the going gets tough.

4. Eminem – Till I Collapse

Eminem is no stranger to adversity, and outside his tongue-in-cheek alter-ego, Eminem is a lyrical beast. Pump this up when you feel like you’re just about to collapse.

5. Project X – Heads Will Roll

A-Trak remixes this Yeah Yeah Yeahs classic into one of the most sublime tracks of the Project X movie. Visualise yourself hopping along those trails to this track.

6. Kanye West – Stronger

Mr. ‘Imma-let-you-finish’ brings us the most unlikely, yet sublime mashups of the late 2000s. Turn this up when you really feel like you’re about to cave in, because as the old saying goes ‘what doesn’t kill, will only make you stronger’.

7. Jay-Z – Get Dirt Off Your Shoulder

Before baby boomers and art galleries, Jay-Z still went hard on the M.I.C. Fell off your bike? Get that dirt off your shoulders.

8. Calvin Harris – Feel So Close

Smell the air. See the trails of the brave who have gone before you. Taste your victory.

9. Avicii – Levels

You’ve reached the hill of victory!

10. Pharrell Williams – Freedom

Pharrell Williams has the winning formula when it comes to making up beat-driven, infectious music. Pat yourself on the back and descend victorious with this triumphant song.

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