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This is why compression socks are an important part of post-race recovery

Compressport’s range of compression gear is trusted by a number of international pro-athletes and teams to improve their capabilities and maximise efficiency during a race. Wearing compression gear helps to prevent excessive muscle movement and aids blood circulation to the muscles during sporting activity, but wearing compression socks after a race is also an indispensable part of post-race recovery.

Compressport’s Compression Socks V2.1 protect the Achilles tendon after the strain it is under during a race, and their tried-and-tested compression helps to allow venous feedback from the feet to the heart that is 20% more efficient, allowing for oxygenation of tired muscles that is 15% better than when you’re not wearing them.

Compression is an important part of helping to eliminate toxins from the body, and in this regard, V2.1 compression socks have anti-toxin abilities that are 13% better than not wearing compression gear.

Despite hugging your feet and calves and providing a micro-massage of sorts to tired muscles, the V2.1 socks have been woven in such a way that they allow for optimum ventilation and thermo-regulation. The multi-directional 3D dots on the socks grips like nothing else, which means that having your foot slide around in your shoe is a thing of the past, even in wet conditions.

Of course, race recovery starts during the race, too, which is why Compressport’s V2.1 compression socks are just as suitable for use during a race as they are for helping to recover after it. The socks are perfect for more strenuous activities like triathlons, biking, and running, but can even be wore when you’re kicking back with a game of golf.

During activity, compression socks continuously administer a micro-massage to the muscles when you move, to reduce muscle soreness by eliminating lactic acid. Humidity is wicked away, even in extreme conditions, and thermo-aeration ensures that your feet breathe.

The benefits of compression gear are almost endless, and athletes around the world are being introduced to the advantages that utilising compression holds during and after activity every day. Contact Tifosi Sports to find out what type of compression gear is right for you.

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