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This is why compression is also for beginners

You’ve seen through two months of your new exercise routine – the result of that New Year’s resolution – but although you’re feeling better than you’ve felt in years, you still consider yourself very much a beginner in this game.

You’ve probably heard that compression can benefit your training and recovery, but you might feel that investing in compression gear is only for serious athletes.

On the contrary, compression gear is just as beneficial to people who are just taking the first steps to prime health and fitness as it is to seasoned professional competitors all over the world.

Why do beginners also need to aid their recovery?

In the initial phase of getting into an exercise routine, people may be especially susceptible to injury, due to the muscles not being particularly “used to” the exertion they suddenly face. Wearing compression apparel is a useful way to aid recovery post-workout (in fact, the benefit that is most widely reported among wearers of compression gear is reduced muscle soreness and fatigue) and to reduce injuries during workouts. If you are prone to muscle strains, compression gear may also be useful for strain recovery and prevention.

The benefits of wearing compression gear when you’re exercising

Compression clothing has been reported to lower the perceived exertion associated with various forms of exercise. This means that workouts feel more effortless as you are doing them.

Another widely cited benefit of compression clothing is better muscle oxygenation. Because garments have been designed to improve blood flow to the muscle tissue, athletic performance during short bouts of exercise may be enhanced. In addition to this, compression gear also improves muscle strength recovery after resistance and weight training, as well as jump performance after endurance exercise.

While it isn’t necessarily a health benefit, users often mention the comfort of compression apparel during bouts of exercise and prolonged activity. As compression gear is made to mould itself to the wearer’s body, chafing and friction is greatly reduced, and garments won’t ride up during exertion. Wind resistance is also greatly reduced.

Compression gear comes with a host of benefits for professional athletes as well as people who are just starting out. Injury prevention, targeted support and the reduction of fatigue aren’t things that only concern the pros, and beginners will do well to incorporate compression gear into their exercise apparel closet.

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