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These NGOs focus on sport and sports development

Sports development in South Africa is a crucially important element to not only boost the amount of competitive sportsmen and women in the country, but also to introduce young people and children to the multitude of benefits associated with sport.

There are a number of non-governmental and non-profit organisations that focus on sport and sports development in South Africa, and these institutions all rely heavily on contributions from the public. Should you be looking to support a worthy cause in 2019, perhaps consider the following organisations. Even better – enquire about NGOs that promote sport in your own community, and lend a hand and get involved when you have time over a weekend.

The Sport for Social Change Network

“The Sport for Social Change Network (SSCN) Southern Africa is a vibrant sustainable Network consisting of civil society, private sector, academia and government organizations active in the field of Sport for Development and Peace.”

Focusing on the development of sport around the country, SSCN was founded by Nike in 2007 in order to create a movement around sport for change.

It encompasses a number of different NGOs that all use the vehicle of sports and recreation as tools for social change.

To donate to SSCN, click here, and to stay updated with all the work that the organisation is doing, like their page on Facebook.

Laureus Sport For Good

Comprising of a host of different sports programmes, Laureus aims to bring about social change through sport.

“Laureus’ core concept is simple, brilliant and daunting: to create global awards that recognise the achievements of today’s sporting heroes; to bring sportspeople together; united in achievement but divided by sporting code. Once that community is brought together, putting to work their reach and the support and investment of Laureus’ Founding Patrons and Partners, it creates a powerful message that can help social projects around the world who use sport as a tool for social change.”

Laureus currently supports a number of programmes across the country, comprising various different sports codes.

To get involved with any of Laureus Sport For Good’s projects, click here, and to stay updated with their work, like the Laureus Sport For Good page on Facebook.

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