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These celebrities’ beach bods are the motivation you need for 2019

Motivation is ignited when we realise what it is we want, but the fire of motivation can only burn if we are constantly reminded of our goal.

Check out these celebrities and their beach bodies. Print the pictures and stick them on your fridge, inside your closet and on your water bottle. This is what you will be working towards in 2019.

Mark Wahlberg

Mark Whalberg

You might have wanted to call him past his prime, seeing as he’s no spring chicken anymore. You might have wanted to.


Lady Gaga

She isn’t thin as a rake, but one look at Lady Gaga’s body tells you she’s fit as a fiddle, thanks to those extensive dance routines on stage.



She captioned this photo “I will spend the rest of my life living my best life”, and we can see she’s already putting her words into action.


Shemar Moore

Hubba, hubba. The Criminal Minds star is looking good!


Hugh Jackman

This man is the greatest showman in more ways than one.


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