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These are the fitness trends that will shape 2019

One only has to look at some of the strange and unusual workout and exercise methods that people are trying these days to get the sense that the world of fitness is anything but static.

When it comes to fitness and wellbeing, trends are always shifting, and here are the movements and trends we can expect to see in the fitness industry in 2019.

Lightning quick does the trick

Time is of the essence, but science tells us that shorter, more intense workouts have the same benefits as sessions that are longer. Those in the know believe that high-intensity interval training (HIIT) will become increasingly popular, perhaps combined with already-popular workouts like strength training, Zumba, Pilates and yoga.

A combination of training and tech

We’ve already seen the immense popularity of fitness trackers over the past few years, but from this year, expect to see an even more intricate combination of traditional exercise and technology. Fitness equipment is being kitted out with everything from virtual reality capabilities to screens that turn a normal spinning session into a gamified exercise challenge. Adulation for fitness apps will continue.

Home is where the cardio is

As our homes become more connected, experts say we can see a return to home-based exercise, as opposed to going to a gym. Not only do people save on subscription fees, but it also isn’t difficult to gain access to streaming classes and online tutorials and workouts anymore. Jane Fonda and Billy Blanks (among many others) laid the foundations for the home workout, but the advent of the internet might have perfected them.

Enter the fitness studio

Traditional gymnasiums are being challenged by fitness studios that specialise in a wide range of different exercise methods and workouts, and in the US, the movement towards fitness studios rather than a traditional gym has seen a 15% rise in membership numbers since 2015.

An emphasis on the importance of zzzz

According to experts, getting adequate rest is just as important as exercise and nutrition, and this has lead to quite a few ventures that train people to sleep enough, and to sleep right. The Equinox sleep-coaching programme helps people to lose weight, and there are numerous apps and fitness trackers on the market that specifically measure the quality of one’s sleep. Rest assured that the days of depriving yourself of zzzzs are over.

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