The Technology Behind Tifosi Sports Optics Lenses

The Technology Behind Tifosi Optics Lenses

When choosing the right pair of sunglasses, lenses are the first place to start. Without proper lenses, sunglasses are basically useless. This is why the technology behind Tifosi Sports optics, offers such a wide range of options.

Here is a breakdown of the technology behind the Tifosi Optics lenses.

Standard features

All Tifosi Optics eyewear come with some standard features. These features are what makes Tifosi such a trusted sports brand.

Vented lenses: The vented lenses allow for increased airflow to prevent fogging and to help keep you cool.

Optically decentered: This means that the Tifosi lenses eliminate distortion and prevent unwanted magnification.

Polycarbonate material: Tifosi lenses are constructed from scratch-resistant, shatterproof polycarbonate.

Glare guard: Tifosi’s proprietary glare guard lens coating reduces eye strain.

UV protection: All Tifosi lenses provide 100% protection from harmful UVA and UVB rays.

A guide to the various Tifosi lenses.

The light transmission ranges demonstrate the amount of light that reaches your eyes. With the Fototec lenses, more light reaches your eyes during darker weather conditions.

Tifosi Otics – Clarion

Tifosi Optics – Fototec

Tifosi Optics – Standard

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