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Stability shoes: what’s all the fuss about?

Stability shoes are a common talking point among running groups of late. Some runners swear by the benefits that they’ve had with stability shoes, while others might not really see what all the fuss is about.

Stability shoes may hold a great many benefits for certain types of runners, and in this article, we’ll break down just what those are.

Choosing the right running shoe for you isn’t just as simple as buying a well-known brand or a shoe that your friends recommend. It is a complicated process that should take into account your gait and stride, as well as the type of running or other exercise that you do while wearing a particular shoe.

In every instance, you need to determine your tread first. This is easy to do when you take a pair of well-worn shoes and look at the sole. You’ll see a pattern that resembles one of the tread patterns below.


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If you notice signs of overpronation, it means that you tend to roll your foot slightly inward while you’re running. People who overpronate may have what is colloquially known as “flat feet”.

Overpronating could lead to a number of injuries, including shin splints, plantar fasciitis, iliotibial band syndrome or Achilles tendonitis. This is why it is recommended that overpronators wear stability shoes to provide maximum support while running.

The benefits of wearing stability shoes

Although stability shoes are the recommended choice for mild overpronators, people who exhibit normal pronation may also benefit from wearing stability shoes, thanks to the extra support and cushioning that these types of shoes provide the wearer.

Flexibility and cushioning that reinforce support in the shoe are at the order of the day with stability shoes, and they often feature a firm area in the midsole, which reinforces the arch. This provides extra motion control.

The On Cloudflyer is a good example of a stability shoe. This shoe features 12 of On’s characteristic clouds on the sole. Made from zero gravity foam, these provide extra cushioning and support. A curved rocker midsole supports the natural rolling motion of the foot, while the speedboard – designed for explosive take-offs – is directly attached to the outsole. The heel strap cage on the upper ensures a snug and secure fit.

Choosing the right shoe often comes with a fair amount of trial and error but, ultimately, establishing which shoe may benefit your running the most boils down to knowing your body. Take care to notice what it feels like when you run in your current pair of shoes. Look at the tread pattern at the bottom of your shoes and also carefully study the mechanics of your feet. Knowing what nature gave you and making shoe choices accordingly is the best way to ensure you find a shoe that elevates your runs in more ways than one.

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