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Safety Tips for Runners

Getting up early on a summer’s morning to go for a run is easier when the promise of the perfect beach-ready body is your motivation. Preparing for the run does not always include that same motivation. The freshness of the morning air, the sound of chirping birds and bearing witness to the city waking up is wonderful, but you could get in harm’s way if the necessary precautions aren’t taken to ensure your safe return from your run.

Here are 5 safety tips to consider when you go out for your run.

1. Tell a friend.

Before going out for your run, just leave word with your partner or anyone close to you that you will be leaving the house to go for a run. Even better: give them an estimated return time. This will ensure that someone knows where you are at the time and if you do not return in the estimated time, someone knows to send out a search party.

2. Become a traffic cone.

Drivers on the road tend to focus less on runners, therefore you should just accept that no one can see you. Make yourself stand out so that no driver misses your presence. Wear reflective clothing or anything bright to help you to stand out in high traffic areas.

3. Face traffic head-on

When on the road, it is way easier to react to a moving vehicle that is in your field of vision. Running with traffic does not leave any leeway to react to a vehicle. Rather face the traffic head-on to maintain some control of your own safety.

4. Open your ears and listen!

How many times have our mothers told us to open our ears and listen? Yet we decline their advice and have to deal with the unnecessary consequences. Keeping your ears open on the road can save your life. Obstructing audibility on the road can cause you to not hear warnings from motorists, other runners or even cyclists. Instead of plugging that iPod into your ears, rather listen to the sounds of nature or sing to yourself.

5. Avoid the collision course.

Your daily run is like any journey – it takes you from one place to another – and these days we have satellites to help guide our way. Before we get in the car to go on that much-deserved holiday, we plan our route, and the shortest and safest possible route with optimal scenery is always the aim. Planning your running route is no different. Plan your route to not cross the areas with highly congested traffic, busy entrances to business and residence complexes, and avoid dark and abandoned areas and areas known for criminal activities.

Taking note of these safety measures could save your life to run another day. It is not worth not preparing yourself and rushing into it. You might live to regret partaking in this journey that could be one of the most amazing and gratifying daily activities.

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