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Compressport UltraRun Backpack is compact, ultra-light, functional and spacious. The backpack’s ergonomic design makes it comfortable, even during races with distances greater than 100km.

The backpack has a total water capacity of 4 litres, as well as space in the front for two 500ml soft flasks or two 750ml rigid bottles, and space at the back for one 650ml soft flask and a 1.5l water bladder. This makes it easy to take your water bottle out mid-run, without removing the backpack.

Two easy-to-reach mesh pockets at the front of the beckpack allow for convenient storage of gels, bars, cellphones or lights, which can be securely closed with drawstrings. Two additional mesh pockets at the sides provide even more storage space. A techno whistle can be found at the front of the backpack, making it easy to reach, should you need to do so.

Comfort is key on a long race, and the Ultralight backpack’s shock-absorbent silicone prints ensure that there is zero pressure and chafing on sensitive points like the inner arm, trapezius, or back. The silicone prints also minimise movement, even when you’re moving. An automatic Xtenex® shoelace sytem makes it easy to open and close the backpack on the go.

UltraRun Backpack Technologies:

  • Backpack shock absorber – The silicon prints on the shoulders stop any backpack movement when running. It absorbs any shocks from the straps on the shoulders to prevent any muscle tensions or fatigue.
  • Lunar-pocket – This clever opening doubles up as a pocket for gels, energy bars and even your smart phone! The convenient ergonomic design is great for trail running, avoiding unnecessary movement when reaching for your nutrition, even during fast downhill running or hard ascents.
  • Ultralight – Your COMPRESSPORT® do not retain water and will remain featherlight in all conditions.
  • Ergonomic – The ergonomic design has been created to allow the runner to create complete comfort for races of 100km plus, without irritations or pressure on sensitive points like the elbows, trapezius or the back. It is worn very high, like a bra. In this way, it prevents from any bouncing on the lower back and it assures maximum comfort even when the backpack is full of all the obligatory equipment required for an Ultra-trail runner.
  • Ventilation-360 – No overheating because of its light weight structure. This boosts the exchange of air inside/outside as well as a 360o ventilation.
  • Xtenex-system – An ingenious tightening/untightening system: In order to avoid damages and difficult opening/closing when it is cold the tightening/untightening system at the front is carried out instantaneously by means of an automatic Xtenex ® shoelace. In this way, the back-pack adapts itself to the runner’s stoutness and it allows an optimum maintenance. It is very comfortable both uphill and downhill, it does not disturb breathing no matter the rhythm and speed of the stride.No bouncing on fast downhills.


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