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Ultralight Run High Cut Socks v3 – Black/Red


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These ProRacing Ultralight running socks offer two exclusive features, optimal freshness and extreme lightness. They keep your feet in total comfort wherever you race. Designed for athletes who like to wear ultra-low socks while at the same time looking for maximum comfort.

Years of research & development and cutting edge technology packed into a racing sock, they have quickly become the must have foot accessory for any serious endurance athlete. ProRacing socks are a preferred choice since they hit the market. Worn every week-end around the globe by World champions, Pro athletes, age group athletes and week-end warriors, the COMPRESSPORT® ProRacing Socks V3.0 offer extreme comfort, improved blood circulation and biomechanical advantages.

Ultra fine and light a sock has never been this light they weigh in at only 12g. Designed in ultra light mesh, they are easy to put on and very pleasant to wear. Literally you feel like you running with no socks at all! You just fly in them!

ProRacing Socks Ultralight Run Low Cut – Benefits:

  • 3D.Dots acupressure specific areas of your feet, thus blood is better stimulated and circulates well.
  • The 3D.Dots protect the Achilles tendon and the malleolus area. Shocks are thus easily absorbed.
  • The 3D.Dots do not retain water and wick out moisture. Feet remain dry.
  • The top of the sock being seamless and elastic-less, no pressure is exercised on the ankle/calf area.
  • The ergo-formable toe piece guarantees no creasing, no foot smothering nor any compressing. Your toes are free!
  • The ergonomic arch support activates blood flow: less toxins for optimum performance.
  • Moreover, your strides are well balanced as your socks stay in place.
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