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ForQuad Compression Thigh Guards by Compressport are a revolution for all lovers of sport who use their legs to push the boundaries of their sport. Cycling, running, road and mountain, the new “Quad Compressport” will give you wings. Selective compression on the area of the quadriceps gives you a feeling of lightness and cleanliness kilometer after kilometer. You push away the feeling of fatigue and heaviness and recover during your effort and peaks stronger with each reliance. Wear your “Compressport Quad” incognito (like a leg warmer) under your cycling short, your short and feature tri club or take the Australian touch with your Compressport Quad under your running shorts.Ideal for every demanding sports (Running, Bike, VTT, Triathlon, Raid, Trail, Excursion, Golf, Walk…).

COMPRESSPORT® will be your partner of choice for all your trainings and even during recovery phase. COMPRESSPORT® protects you from muscular fatigue and damage. After effort, COMPRESSPORT® speeds up recovery and leaves you feeling great. Its compression actions reduce greatly the accumulation of toxins round the leg area, especially when the effort is prolonged. The sheathing quad allows a more efficient venous feedback from feet to the heart and better oxygenation thus facilitating muscle recovery during exercise. The COMPRESSPORT® fibre is designed to reduce shock waves generated by running on hard ground. It therefore significantly reduces the oscillating movement of the muscles (muscle fibres), slowing down muscle fatigue thereby limiting risks of injury. After sport COMPRESSPORT® accompanies you throughout your recovery so you can regain light feeling legs, ready for another training session.


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