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ErgoFlask by Compressport is a trendy practical flask allows you to carry up to 600ml of liquid. Take is to your training sessions or venture to any of your sports activities. This flask is easy to carry, to drink from. Reusable its durability has no equal for any type of liquid be it energy drink, water.

BPA-Free, this Ergo Flask allows easy sipping anytime you want to. Its bite valve provides faster flow and is highly durable. Easy to carry, this reusable Ergo Flask is easily squeezable to allow fluid flow. A short straw can be added on the bite cap to allow easy drinking. This ErgoFlask is your perfect solution to dehydration on extreme races that is Leak-proof and safe in any luggage.

Ergonomic it holds well in the hands n your belt and slips perfectly in your bag or belt. It stays put and does not bounce.

1 review for Ergoflask – 600ml Valve Long Tube

  1. leon.claassen

    The Ergoflask, light weight, and durable.

    What I like about this flash is that it makes drinking your water easy. I personally have not used the tube, as I do not yet own a vest that can hold them, but the two I own fit snug into my Compressport Free Belt. With my two Ergoflasks, I am able to carry 1.2l of water with me and the are easy to reach.

    The mouth piece is probably one of the best designed features the flask, as you just have to bite down and squeeze and the liquid flows seamlessly. When you are done drinking, just stop biting and the flask seals, no leakage

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